Access Your Postpaid Bi...


Check your 4G Bill with your Digicel Phone
To check your Digicel 4G Broadband Postpaid account balance, simply dial *144# and press send from your Digicel phone. The account balance will show right on your phone screen. If you have more that one 4G Broadband Postpaid account, your balances will be combined and you will see the total amount owing on your accounts.
Access your Digicel 4G broadband Postpaid Bill

View and pay your Digicel 4G broadband bills online with Online Bill View.

Digicel Online Bill View
To access Online Bill View please do the following:

  1. For Country, select “Jamaica broadband Consumer”  from the list
  2. For Phone Number, enter the last 7 digits of your 11 digit broadband service number (i.e. For a broadband number 10201111111, enter 1111111)
  3. For Password, enter your 11 digit account number (located on your bill) for first time users. You will then be prompted to create your own personal password.  This personal password will be used for all other log ins.

Click here Access Your Digicel 4G Postpaid Bill 

Digicel Online Bill Payment
Once you have logged into Online Bill View, you may also access Online Bill Payment as follows:

  1. If you have already registered for Online Bill Payment, simply use your existing account to pay your bill
  2. If you are using Online BiIl Payment for the first time, select the “Make a Payment” option on the main page then select “Register for Online Payment” option on the main page.. You will be required to create a user name and password as well as register a credit card to be used for bill payments.

Many Ways To Pay your Digicel 4G broadband Postpaid Bill
Digicel wishes to remind you of the many convenient ways to pay your postpaid bill.

Your Digicel 4G broadband bill can be paid at:
  1. PayMaster
  2. Prime Trust
  3. Jamaica National
  4. RBTT Online
  5. PanCaribbean  Online
  6. NCB Online
  7. TeleScotia
  8. TeleMidas
  9. Digicel Online.

Payments should be made using the last 7 digits  of your broadband Service Number eg. If your broadband Service Number is 10201234567 then your payment number is 1234567.

For more information on how to pay your Digicel 4G broadband bill please dial 100 from your Digicel phone or 1-888-344-4235 from any other phone