Digicel 4G broadband is Jamaica’s fastest wireless broadband internet connection direct to your PC, netbook or laptop. Our new service will allow more Jamaican’s to surf the internet at super-fast speeds while saving money. Digicel offers both post-paid and pre-paid internet plans to suit your needs.



The service is plug-and-play and very easy to use.  A Self Install internet Kit is provided containing everything you need to set-up and use the service. The kit contains the modem, power adapters and cables, Getting Started Guide and Welcome Letter. Once you leave the Digicel store, simply connect the modem, power up both the modem and their computer, register on Digicel web self care and start using the service, all within minutes.

You can take your internet connection with you! You can move the modem around your home, take it around town, or you can take it from parish to parish and city to city. As long as you're in our coverage area, you can access the internet.  

Why choose Digicel 4G broadband as your internet Service Provider (ISP)?

  • It has NO fixed line rental charge
  • It is quick and easy to setup yourself. No need for a technician.
  • It is fast and reliable with speeds up to 6Mbps
  • It is affordable and instant with plug, pay & go technology
  • It is on Jamaica’s largest custom-built wireless broadband network
  • It is accessible across the island from anywhere in the Digicel 4G broadband coverage area.
  • Award winning 24 X 7 customer care and support
  • Convenient web self care portal

What do you need to use Digicel 4G broadband as your ISP?

  • You need to be in our extensive coverage area
  • You need an internet subscription plan to access our custom built WiMAX network
  • You need one of our advanced WiMAX 4G modems
  • You need a electricity to power your modem and computer
  • You need a PC, netbook or laptop
  • Minimum Spec:
    • 233 MHz Processor
    • 64Mb Ram
    • 2GB Hard-Disk Space
    • Ethernet Port
    • Windows XP (or higher)
    • MAC OS 10 (Digicel 4G broadband Standard Indoor modem EX-250 ONLY)
    • internet Explorer 7 (or higher)

What do you get from Digicel 4G broadband as your ISP?

  • You'll get a fast reliable wireless internet connection
  • You’ll get an unlimited usage allowance*
  • You’ll get the level of customer care that Digicel is famous for
    *Usage allowance is subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy

Click here to register for our internet service and to avail of our web-exclusive subscription bundles.

What can I do with the internet service?

Digicel 4G broadband is perfect for all users from the casual user to the seasoned user. There is plenty of bandwidth for fun, for business and anything in between:

1.     Browse the web

2.     Do Instant Messaging (IM) 

3.     Send and receive Emails

4.     Access Social Networking

5.     Content downloads and uploads – Pictures, Movies, Music and Games

6.     Watch streaming content of your favorite Sporting Events and Concerts

7.     Video calling and conferencing via webcam

8.     Online courses to further your education

9.     Work from home or on the road, wherever you choose

10.   Get your small business or home office connected to your clients

Stay connected with the convenience of wireless access and with no cable or fixed line phone service requirements.